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Consumer Guide

List of things every single consumer should look for when transporting a vehicle.

Vehicle Storage

Never allow your vehicle to be stored at a terminal. A terminal is a yard where your car is stored until the company you hire can find a truck to ship it. This can very often lead to delays which in turn could cost you additional rental car fees. Also, terminals normally do not have any security so there is a chance of vandalism, and you, as the owner, are responsible. No trucking company can insure a car unless it is on a truck!

“Door to Door”

Beware of “door to door” service. This most likely means your car will be picked up at your “door” by a tow truck or driver but brought to a terminal anyway. Days later it will be shipped from terminal to terminal. Then, finally, your car will be shipped to your “door”. Ask the company “How many trucks will my car be on?“. If the answer is more than one, you know terminals will be involved.

Cancellation Fees

Be certain that you are not subject to any cancellation fees, whatsoever. Companies with cancellation fees have very little incentive to ship your car because they have already “made their money” the moment they accept your business.


Always choose a company that is licensed and bonded with the federal government. A bond is a trust account set aside with the federal government to pay a claim, just in case. If a company is not bonded, you the consumer will be liable for any damage to your car, no matter what a company tells you.


Make sure the insurance coverage is for full replacement value no deductible and the company has a “primary” policy. If the company has a “secondary” policy than you must use your own auto insurance to settle the claim, which could result in a rate increase to you.

Two Drivers

Find a company that uses two truck drivers. If there is only one truck driver he or she will have to leave the truck unattended at a truck stop many times during the transport to eat, sleep, etc. Trucks should always have two drivers to avoid any security issues, especially if you are putting personal items in the vehicle.

While the actual process of transporting a vehicle is not, on the surface, especially complicated, it can be a major source of stress for owners who have not engaged an experienced, reliable car shipping company to handle their property. Please consider the recommendations listed above whenever you decide to ship a car or other automobile, whether you are looking to ship across the country or across the street!